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my books are currently closed.

To book an appointment, please complete a tattoo submission form.

click the 'book now' tab on the home page.

• be prepared to submit a photo of your I.D and the area getting tattooed.

• there will be times where an idea or design doesn't fit well with my abilities. if your design isn’t chosen, please don’t take it personally! if i could do it all, i would.

• if you wish to be tattooed with someone, each person must fill out their own form; just make note of it on your submission.

• if you have multiple tattoos you'd like to get at once, make note of each on your submission form and I'll do my best to try to fit them into the desire amount of sessions.

• once your inquiry is received, I will reach out within 1-3 days to secure the deposit and offer a date based on your preferred date & time. please be ready for my response!

• you will then be provided with all of the necessary information needed for your upcoming appointment.

• please do not inquire if there is no intention to schedule an appointment. a brief description for a price estimate or any questions you may have is acceptable through my email. 

• i will no longer be accepting submissions through Instagram DM or email. you MUST fill out a submission form through my website. 



• a $50 deposit is required to book an appointment.

• for multiple session work, a $100 deposit is required.

• the deposit is applied to the final price of your tattoo when you get it done.

• if you wish to get tattooed with someone else, each person must place a separate deposit.

• deposits may not be transferred to another person for use.

I accept deposits through

Paypal -

Venmo - csankeytat2s

☆CASH ONLY for final payment☆


• (1) reschedule permitted with 48 hour notice. this allows the ability to move your current deposit to a new appointment date.

• second reschedule attempt or notice given under 48 hours results in loss of deposit.

• late appointments will be cancelled if you haven’t shown within 30 minutes regardless of notice, and a new deposit must be placed to reschedule.

*as to not affect other clients who have an appointment for an allotted time.

• reschedule dates are likely to be months later than your original appointment.

• last minute or excessive alterations to a design will result in rescheduling your appointment and forfeiture of your deposit.

• canceling your appointment is an appreciated courtesy - even though the deposits are non refundable, you still are able to book with me in the future. no call/no shows or grade-a bullshitters will more than likely not receive a response for services.

mutual respect ♡

REMINDER: DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE regardless of cancellation or notice given.

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